Two-Way Radio Rentals



Champlin Wireless Two-Way Radio Rentals

Purchasing wireless equipment isn't always the best option for your business.

Equipment rentals from Champlin Wireless save time and money

We offer a variety of two-way radios, push-to-talk phones, or a combination of both; let Champlin Wireless help make your next event a success.

Champlin Wireless offers a large wireless communications fleet.  Included in our wireless equipment rental inventory are industry-leading devices:

  • Motorola UHF 800/900 MHz radios
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO digital and analog two-way radios
  • Motorola Repeaters
  • Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital two-way radios
  • Kenwood UHF Analog two-way radios
  • Kenwood Repeaters
  • Verizon push-to-talk digital cellular phones
  • iPhones, available on the Verizon network 

Champlin Wireless Rentals offers: monthly, weekly, daily rates, 24/7 customer support, staffing, technical support, site evaluation, custom solutions.

Our knowledgable and dedicated staff are available to ensure your rental application is set up and fully supported, Contact us now.


Applications include:

Corporate Events, Meetings, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Golf Tournaments, Concerts, Fairs and Festivals, Security Operations, Schools, Transportation Companies, Petrochemical Plants, Refinery Turnarounds and Contractors.

Two-Way Radio Rentals from Champlin Wireless can

help save time and money.

Contact us now to place your reservation.