From the concierge desk to the convention center, the MOTOTRBO™ SL Series portable radio keeps you instantly connected and in control. So incredibly thin and light, the SL Series is the ultimate in discreet communications. Versatile and powerful, the SL Series portable radio is designed to meet the communication needs of customers in the hospitality, services, security and airport industries. Weighing as little as your average smartphone, its slim design and forward-thinking features such as Intelligent Audio, integrated Bluetooth and covert mode, enhance your level of professionalism and discretion so you can provide superior customer service and faster response times.

With the MOTOTRBO SL Series, we've remastered digital two-way communications and redefined everything you expect radio to be. Our expanded and complete portfolio of MOTOTRBO portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, accessories, data applications, software and services can transform your enterprise. The SL Series empowers your people with clearer voice, real-time data and discreet communications so they can collaborate like never before. That's Digital Remastered.

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Motorola SL Series Models

The Motorola SL Series is available in the following models:

Motorola SL 7550
AAH81QCN9NA2AN 403-470 MHz, 2 Watts, 1000 Channels
AAH81TCN9NA2AN 450-512 MHz, 2 Watts, 1000 Channels

Motorola SL 7580
AAH81VCN9NB2_N 806-870 MHz, 2 Watts, 1000 Channels

Motorola SL 7590
AAH81WCN9NB2_N 896-941 MHz, 2 Watts, 1000 Channels

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